Helping people through troubled times

Felicity Haskins is an experienced divorce counsellor. Arrange a call with Felicity by emailing today and find out how you can get help throughout the divorce process from a counsellor with extensive legal expertise.

Felicity Haskins Divorce Counsellor

Why choose Felicity?

Felicity has the ability to get to the heart of the
matter clearly and concisely. She has over 30
years experience as a leading matrimonial
lawyer (now retired). She is wise, objective,
innovative and compassionate. Felicity:

  • was invited to contribute to International law books
  • spoke at various law conferences
  • worked on hundreds of cases each year
  • was the first Fellow of International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers in Guernsey
  • qualified as the only Family Law Arbitrator in Guernsey.
  • qualified as a civil and matrimonial mediator

Extensive legal expertise

Having a divorce counsellor with such extensive legal expertise will help you to navigate the process and fully understand it, while having a knowledgeable, compassionate and
empathetic professional on your side.